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Timbertown Paddleboard Co.

Timbertown Inflatable Dock

Timbertown Inflatable Dock

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Introducing our newest venture and brand-new product…..Timbertown Docks !!

Tired of struggling with cumbersome dock systems every season? Is your floating mat always keeping you wet with no place to entertain? Looking for that extra space out on the water alongside your boat?  

Finally your prayers have been answered with the Timbertown Dock and Floating Platform. Built with durability, attention to detail and a touch of class in mind you WILL be the envy of all others on any waterfront or waterway. The ability to easily set-up, transport or store is a gamechanger and let’s not forget the importance of time-savings in our constantly busy schedules. 

Take the effort away and concentrate more on the much-needed relaxation we all seek!  So what are Timbertown Docks?  Let us tell you all about them. There are two dock sizes so it really depends on your needs.

Our smaller system 6.5’ x 6.5’ is perfect for a quick set up. If swimming , laying out and catching some rays, tying up your boat, paddleboard and  kayaks is what you enjoy then this system may be just what the doctor ordered. 

Now if you like to do all these things plus entertain from time to time , our 10’ x 6’.5' model may be more suitable.  Either way you will not be disappointed. Each Dock system regardless of size comes with a fantastic branded carry bag and Timbertown dual-action hand pump. 

There are 4 handles along the sides if you need to carry it fully inflated and plenty of D-rings ( 14) strategically placed for endless options. 

Need to tie it down in the lake? Our corner D-rings will do just that or use the topside D-rings to tie your watercraft off. The options are never-ending. Now let’s talk about  quality and rigidity.   

Yes it is an inflatable product but not just your average run of the mill floatable. We use a high-grade PVC that is double layered on all sides, fusion technology for added strength and drop stitch weaving thus creating one heck of a stable , solid and built to last float system.  At 8 inches thick what else could you ask for?

How about adding one further piece to the equation? Our eye-dropping Teak marine EVA foot padding is undoubtedly that extra layer of luxury and class combined in one. 

Entertaining and fun, backed by a two year warranty you won’t be denied a fantastic time on the water each and every time!!

Warning ⚠️ this is not a personal floating safety device

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